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Welcome to Craft Made Furniture

Craft Made Furniture is a company focused and dedicated in offering efficient, reliable and competitive services. Specializing in italian made wooden products. Our commitment Is Quality, Job productivity, continues improvement, Growth and prosperity.

What are we doing ?

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Leading Interior design companies in Dubai

The blend of traditional and modern interior designs forms an evasive art that outdoes various aspect of décor to make a place worth living and appreciating. Quality of interior facilitates quality of living by making the surrounding comfortable, eye-pleasing and appreciable. As one of the best interior design companies in Dubai, CMF Dubai emphasis on pertains to the set quality standards while providing unparalleled quality and perfection in designing. Our team of crafty interior designers is well versed with all from modern requirements to traditional Islamic Architecture, Victorian Style, and Mediterranean design and so on. We provide all kind of renovation or remodeling services or can also handle completely new project effectively for both the residential and commercial arena.

Let Elegance Be Your Quotation

We are specialized in providing turnkey space saving solution while adoring every object beautifully. From Spacious beautiful living room to a comfortable stress-free bedroom, efficient clean cooking and luxurious bathrooms, we can customize everything. Excellence and client satisfaction has always been our priority and for this, we offer an array of services. Our services include interior decoration from Kitchen Appliances and Worktops, to Wardrobe, Vanity Counters, and Furniture where everything is idealized with added wit and craft to keep it all spacious.

We offer a plethora of outstanding design ideas that can match your requirements to keep it as attractive as you want. We tailor every single project with added uniqueness keeping its usage and advantages in mind. To us, decoration ideas come from within and are no how imitated to leave an expression of novelty in all. With such ideas, we would surely flip your mind to baffle you what to choose. All this helped us to retain our position as Best interior design Company in Dubai. If you have any such plans of getting your place decorated, visit us to know more about design variance and options.

At the core of Craft Made Furniture is an esteemed CAD and internal design team, and by leveraging the talents of professionals in the design business, we are able to provide an extensive range of services, from second-floor design consultations to photorealistic 3D computer renderings. With the range of services that we provide, it is safe to say that we’re amongst the best interior decoration companies in Dubai.

Creating a Beautiful Office Environment

Every project is thoroughly examined to ensure the best possible layout and adherence to the specified needs of the client, and is always developed in accordance with present-day health and safety regulations and guidelines.

The design group is also responsible for leading the company's marketing efforts, which include providing account holders with design-related details about presenting projects via a variety of media outputs.


CMF's cutting-edge production method incorporates the cost savings of JIT manufacturing with the flexibility of OTM and the superior quality of handiwork from bygone eras. Instead of putting together pre-made components, we make everything from the ground up to meet the specific needs of each customer. We term it mass customisation - your decor, the way you want to have it, for a terrific price.


Eventually, you'll arrive here, where everything will make sense. At this point in the procedure, a cabinate is being treated like a standalone unit for the first time. The CMF assembly department is the final meeting place for the hundreds of components that go into building a cabin. We assemble drawer boxes and cabinets, hang doors, and drill holes for hardware. Final tweaks and product testing ensures that only the greatest quality level leaves our plant.


At the end of the CMF assembly process, each cabinet is carefully wrapped to avoid damage during transport, and a completion sticker is affixed to the outside, noting the product, the customer's details, and the date of assembly. This label's barcode facilitates the scanning of completed products as they leave the factory and are loaded onto delivery trucks for transport to customers' sites. So, it’s high time you book your service with Craft Made Furniture, an enterprise that ranks 1st in the list of best interior design companies Dubai.

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Authentic and Trustworthy Interior Decoration Partner in Dubai

Welcome to Craft Made Furniture, where we transform your space into a masterpiece. As one of the leading interior decoration companies in Dubai, we take pride in converting your visions into reality. For the past few years, we have been leading among the interior decoration firms in the heart of Dubai. At Craft Made Furniture, you can explore the unique blend of creativity and functionality. We guarantee to transform your space in the best way possible. We pay attention to tailored solutions and transparent processes.

Why Choose Us For Interior Decoration in Dubai?

Expertise in Diverse Spaces:

At Craft Made Furniture, we understand that each space has its purpose. Therefore, we have years of experience in tailoring designs for your cozy residence, a bustling office, a luxurious hotel, or any other space.

Client-Centric Approach:

Being at the forefront of interior decoration companies in Dubai, your satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore, our professional team believes in a collaborative design process. Not only this, but we also ensure to seamlessly integrate your ideas into the final design. Thus, we believe in open communication with our clients.

Innovation and Creativity:

Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity sets us apart from other competitors. As a leading interior design companies in Dubai, we are a team of designers who bring fresh ideas and perspectives to every project.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: What makes us different from other interior decoration companies in Dubai?

A1: Craft Made Furniture stands out for its innovative approach and holding years of diverse expertise. We try our best to provide customized solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.

Q2: How involved will I be in the design process?

A2: To deliver the best, we believe in a collaborative design journey. Therefore, your involvement is crucial for us at every stage. We will keep you informed about the same.

Q3: What types of spaces do you specialize in decorating?

A3: Our expertise lies in residential, commercial, hospitality, and office spaces. So, we can deal with various functional spaces according to your requirements and expectations.

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